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What is your return policy?

If there is an issue with an item please return it with a receipt and ask for the Manager. Any returns are at the Manager's discretion.

What if I feel I've been overcharged?

Just like any store, please return with your receipt and the items in question. Ask to speak with the Manager.

I heard that you sell such great deals because your products have expired? 

No, that is incorrect. Firstly, expiry dates only pertain to:

  • formulated liquid diets 

  • foods represented for use in a very low-energy diet (foods sold only by a pharmacist and only with a written order from a physician)

  • meal replacements 

  • nutritional supplements 

  • human milk substitutes (infant formula)

None of our products expire. Our pantry (shelf stable) products have best-before dates, which are completely different. None or very few of our items are close to the best-before date. Any pantry food with a best-before date is a suggestion by the manufacturer that peak freshness is at that date. When stored properly and unopened, pantry foods are good for a long time after the best-before. Any items we may have close to the best-before date have reflective prices.


You may check out the Canadian food inspection website for confirmation on these facts:

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